The martyrdom of the prisoner Nassar Taqqa

On Tuesday morning, 31-year-old Nassar Omar Taqqa, from the town of Beit Fajar, south of Bethlehem, was martyred in his solitary confinement at the "Nitzan" detention facility in Ramla, without knowing any details about the circumstances of his martyrdom.

The head of the Prisoners' Affairs Authority, Qadri Abu Bakr, said that the prisoner, Nassar Taqqa, was martyred this morning in the Israeli prison of Nitzan, explaining that he was recently arrested on security charges, blaming the occupation for the crime.

According to the Occupation Prisons Department, a Hamas prisoner was detained in connection with a security case and was found dead inside a medical facility under the supervision of the Shabak. She noted that he was transferred a few days ago to the hospital of "Hesse", and then he was discharged after tests showed that he was healthy.

Al-Assir Club said in a statement that Nassar was arrested on June 19, 2019, and was still under investigation.

The Al-Assir Club rejected any allegations that the occupation prison administration was trying to broadcast about the circumstances of the martyrdom.

Al-Assir's family also confirmed that her son did not suffer from any health problems, his first arrest.

The Al-Assir Club held the occupation authorities fully responsible for his martyrdom and for the fate of all prisoners in its prisons, especially since the prisoner was martyred during the interrogation, which calls for a halt to this period when the interrogators carry out the most severe forms of psychological and physical torture.

Al-Assir Club pointed out that with the martyrdom of the prisoner Taqqa, the number of martyrs of the national movement captured in the occupied territories since 1967 has risen to 220 martyrs.

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