Ya´alon: We will apply sovereignty over the West Bank

 Moshe Ya'alon, a leader of a blue-and-white party coalition, said on Sunday his party would work to apply Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank, particularly the settlements.

In an interview with Channel 13, Ya'alon said that his party does not intend to run in the same list with Ehud Barak because of differences of opinion on the conflict with the Palestinians. Recalling Barak's positions similar to the vision of former prime minister Yitzhak Rabin on establishing an entity for the Palestinians less than a state without the 1967 borders.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been attacked by Israel for his responsibility for the crisis Israel is currently experiencing. Accusing him of trying to save himself from prosecution at any cost.

He stressed the need to "save the state" in light of the crisis of the current leadership. Considering that a blue-white party represents the alternative government capable of success and the return of "Israel" to its place.


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