Beatles Deposits the World .. The Last Car "Symbol of the Future"

 Volkswagen produced the last of the Beatles on Wednesday to finish the journey of the Nazi-era model and survived the anti-hippie culture, but failed to overtake customers' tastes.

With the music of Mexican folklore, the final production of the car was celebrated at the Volkswagen plant in the state of Puebla in central Mexico, more than 80 years after the launch of the model in Germany.

The company's plant in Puebla, already producing the Tiguan SUV, will start manufacturing Touareg cars instead of the Beatles, said Steffen Raiche, chief executive of the Volkswagen division in Mexico.

The latest Beatles will be sold on in a move that symbolizes the company's adoption of the future and its mechanisms, said Reitz.

"Today is the last day, how exciting it was," he said. The current design is the Beatles' third release after the cancellation of two previous designs, and the re-production of previous designs.

The Beatles or the Beetle were first produced in 1938 as a cheap car by order of Adolf Hitler, to encourage Germans to own cars.

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