France seeks political "calm" between Washington and Tehran

Diplomatic adviser to President Emmanuel Macaron, who met with Iranian President Hassan Rowhani on Wednesday, is seeking a political "calm" in the midst of an escalation between Tehran and Washington.

"France wants to explore ways of dialogue on all issues, including the future of the Iranian nuclear agreement after 2025," the media said.

"We are sorry that Iran has violated its obligations and that it must be dealt with in the framework of a joint committee emanating from the agreement ... Otherwise, breaching the obligations that give way to return to the UN Security Council is an escalation," she said.

"Our goal is to explore the chances of getting intermediate signs from both sides, for Iran to return to its commitments and launch a round of dialogue."

France considers Tehran's media attention to visit Macaron's adviser as showing "Iranians' interest in our endeavor." The sources said that the Iranians "did not answer positively or negatively, but they expressed their appreciation for our initiative and wanted to continue the dialogue."

The French presidential sources explained that Iran had chosen a path "less for less", meaning that fewer economic commitments in the context of the nuclear agreement lead to fewer nuclear commitments. "Of course, we oppose that, so there is no agreement," she said.

Iran has also pointed out that it is meeting President Donald Trump's "extreme pressure" with "extreme resistance."

"We have told the Iranians that if this approach continues, the worst is certain, and this is what we want to avoid," the Elysee sources said.

Paris deplored US President Donald Trump's announcement of a new sanctions approach, while Macaron's adviser met Rohani.

"We will continue our efforts, but the Iranians have 40 years of experience in exerting the utmost pressure," the sources said.

Tehran's breach of its obligations was "limited and intentional" because "the Iranians are ready to return and insist on their willingness to retreat if they receive incentives."


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