Gaza prepares for return marches on Friday 66

Gazans are preparing to take part in a new Friday of the return marches, a day after a member of the al-Qassam Brigades was shot dead by the Israeli army near the separation fence in the northern Gaza Strip.

In a press statement, the National High Commission for the Return of the Return called on the public to participate in the activities of the 66th anniversary of the eastern Gaza Strip, entitled "No negotiations, no peace, no recognition of the entity."

The Authority stressed the continuation of the return marches with its peaceful means to prevent the drop of the right of return and the breaking of the siege on Gaza, noting that "national unity must be restored and an end to the division to protect our rights on our holy land."

It is noteworthy that the Israeli army raised the alert in the cover of Gaza, following the expected response from Hamas to the death of a Qassam element yesterday morning. According to the site "Hadshout 24" Hebrew.

Channel 11 pointed to the "fear of the form of the march of return on Friday, as it is not clear whether Hamas will accept the Israeli clarification or not, and whether or not to deploy its field control forces."


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