Rep. Rachida Tlaib criticizes a bill that criminalizes boycotting Israel

Democratic Rep. Rachida Taleb criticized the Congressional Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday night, 10 July 2019, for the committee's intention to introduce a bill condemning the boycott of Israeli occupation, divestment and sanctions (BDS Movement) and described the Commission's efforts as "unconstitutional".

Taleb, a Palestinian, said in an e-mail on the social networking site that the anti-Israel bill, H-246, was aimed at "silencing Israel's blatant racist policies against Palestinians and Ethiopians."

"The first amendment to the constitution guaranteeing freedom of expression gives the right and permits the boycott of inhumane policies everywhere," she said. "Therefore, this law is unconstitutional."

The criticism of MP Taleb commenting on what has been reported in the past few days that the President of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi, decided to allow the draft law H-246 move forward to vote in order to delegitimize the freedom of political expression on the side that wants to boycott Israel / settlements, and harm both Supports BDS movement.

The bill includes 336 sponsors who took it upon themselves to support the Israeli occupation authorities and the settlement movement, including the chairman of the Judiciary Committee in the House of Representatives Gerold Nadler (Democrat of New York State) and Chairman of the Committee on Means and Methods in the House of Representatives Richard Neil (Democrat of Massachusetts) ) And the chairman of the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Elaga Cummings (Democrat of Maryland). The book was co-authored by Rep. Brad Schneider (Democrat of Illinois) and Lee Zelden (Republican of New York State), the only Jewish member of the House of Representatives.

Rep. Tillib and Democratic Rep. Elhan Omar (from Minnesota, the only Somali and the only veiled member of the US Congress) have expressed support for BDS in the past. They also criticized a similar bill against BDS under the auspices of right-wing Republican Senator Marco Rubio (Florida) (Republican of Idaho) in January, describing the province as a means of countering repression and racism as "a right and part of our civilization and historical record. They accused those who adopted him of" forgetting any country they represent, "which angered American politicians who accused the deputies of being" R. anti-Semitism, and Ojajoa in cooperation with the first Israeli lobby in the United States, the organization "AIPAC", a campaign against them almost a tirade claiming political Bmoukahma, and its repercussions continue to interact.


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