Ashtayeh: Israel destroys any chance of establishing a Palestinian state and seeks out the financial crisis

"The government is trying to find immediate solutions to alleviate the financial crisis it is experiencing due to the piracy of the occupation of our money, through the issuance of bonds and borrowing from banks and some Arab countries, but the fundamental solution is to release our funds in full without any deductions.

Ashtiyeh said during his meeting with the head of the Australian Representation Office, Mark Bailey, on Wednesday in his office in Ramallah: The government has begun to implement its strategy of breaking away from the colonial relationship imposed by the occupation on us, moving towards the Arab depth and building strong commercial relations with these countries. The two visits are aimed at Jordan and Iraq.

Ashtiyya Bailey briefed the government on the practical steps taken by the government to start implementing the cluster development system, which aims at creating horizontal development, ie, developing advanced infrastructure in all governorates, and then moving to vertical development by exploiting the advantages of each governorate to promote the national product.

The Prime Minister also briefed Bailey on Australia's development efforts in Palestine, and called on him to raise the level of coordination to ensure that the projects financed are in line with national development priorities.

On the other hand, Ashtiyeh on Wednesday accused Israel of destroying the two-state solution and any chance of establishing a Palestinian state by continuing to confiscate land and expand settlement.

Ashtiyeh said during his meeting in his office in Ramallah, a delegation from the General Federation of Trade Unions Canada "Canada and all countries that support the two-state solution recognize the State of Palestine in response to this."

"The Palestinians are fighting to end the occupation and to live in dignity in the shadow of the independent state on the 1967 borders with Jerusalem as its capital," Ashtiyeh said.

According to the statement, Ashtiyeh briefed the delegation on the difficult working conditions faced by Palestinian workers working at home, especially the violation of their rights and obstacles at the crossings.

He called Ashtia "Union of Canadian workers and Canadian companies to come and invest in Palestine to create jobs and promote the reality of economic development."


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