The "Municipality of the Occupation" approves the construction of 261 settlement units south of Jerusalem

According to media outlets, the Israeli occupation council in Jerusalem approved on Wednesday the construction of 216 new settlement apartments in Gilo settlement, south of Jerusalem.

The local committee of the Israeli municipality in Jerusalem has approved the construction of two 18-storey residential towers in Gilo, the Ynet website reported.

And the Hebrew site, that the project consists of 216 housing units, in addition to the mall and kindergarten.

For its part, the channel "12" Hebrew, that will be built 216 housing units in favor of attracting young settlers, to live in the towers.

The European Union had said that the Israeli settlement policy "is illegal under international law, and also contributes to obstructing the peace process."

The Union announced in a statement on June 1, its strong rejection of the settlement policy following the announcement of the occupation authorities to publish a tender for the construction of more than 800 settlement units in Jerusalem; end of May 2019.

On 27 May, the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the occupation authorities used to take over the occupied Palestinian territory under pretexts and pretexts and then allocate them to the settlement.

The settlements are contrary to all international principles and the Charter of the United Nations.

Despite the issuance of a number of international resolutions against the Israeli settlement project, and demanding the dismantling and stop building, but the occupation state refrained from doing so.

The most recent of these resolutions was resolution 2334 of the UN Security Council on December 23, 2017, which called for an immediate and complete cessation of settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem.

Israel occupied the eastern part of Jerusalem in the 1967 war and later annexed it in a move that was not recognized internationally.


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