Video |Experts create intelligent chassis to protect drivers

Seoul _ Agencies

A number of experts at the company  "Lg", made a clever external structure to protect the legs, during the long and arduous hours of workers and employees on their feet, in order to maintain their safety.

The site of Russia Today on the site "new Atla" that the company will showcase the new robotic structure, at the Berlin International Exhibition of Electronics in the German capital, where experts  "Lg" manufacturing this robotic structure to help people working to reduce physical stress during their long working hours, and to shield them from the risk of their injuries, especially for those who spend their entire day working on their feet like drivers and others.

The new device, dubbed  "Cloi suitbot", includes a sandal that can be automatically tuned to the user's foot gauges, and naturally moving the structure joints, commensurate with the movement of human joints when using the device.

The new structure has artificial intelligence, allowing it to take logical reactions that protect the legs, by analyzing the data of the same body and the surrounding conditions, during its use by the driver at work.


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