Erekat calls on Washington to abide by the terms of reference of the peace process

The secretary general of the PLO's executive committee, Saeb Erakat, said Friday that the United States must abide by the terms of reference of the peace process agreed upon under international law to resume Palestinian political contacts.

"If the US administration wants to resume political contacts with the Palestinian leadership, it must declare that East Jerusalem is occupied and that the decision to annex it to Israel," Erekat said after a meeting with a delegation of American university professors in Ramallah, Null and void and will not really create a commitment. "

Erekat also called on the US administration to declare that the goal of the peace process is to reach a two-state solution on the 1967 borders and resolve all final status issues based on relevant international resolutions, especially the refugee issue.

He added that these are not Palestinian conditions but agreed terms and international law, and the positions of the countries of the world as a whole "with the exception of Israel and the American administration, who believe that peace is achieved by promoting false tales that have no place in the sites of truth and reality, only with the minds of those who believe that the solution will be achieved only by accepting Surrender to occupation and settlement. "

The Palestinian Authority has boycotted the administration since US President Donald Trump announced his decision on Jerusalem and was transferred by the US Embassy to Israel from Tel Aviv to the holy city in May 2018.

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