Ways to prolong the life of a smart phone battery

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With the daily use of mobile smartphones increasing, it is difficult to serve the phone battery for a whole day, which drives many to carry their chargers, while they are anywhere.

The British Daily Mail quoted five ways to reduce the problem, according to Sky News Arabia.

Charging Battery

Users are usually asked to charge their phone batteries 100%, but technology experts say that to get a battery that works longer hours should be shipped less than full capacity, while experts stress the need to keep the battery charged at a rate higher than 50%, they also recommend that it be a form of Embodied.

More than one charger

It is recommended that the user owns more than one charger, so that it is not interrupted after the battery is out of charge. Therefore, it is advisable that you have a charger at home and another at work and a third in the car, and there are those who prefer to acquire a portable charger, especially those who do not close their phones only rarely, which causes the battery to charge quickly due to light.

Battery life

The user needs to check the battery life every once in a while so that he does not suddenly find himself out of service, and this feature is important if you intend to travel to long distances.

Battery life can be investigated in iphones, by going to settings, then battery, then battery health. In Android devices, the battery can be investigated by selecting the settings, then the device, and then the battery.

Adjust settings

There are a variety of features on the iPhone that drains the battery very quickly like light and frequent alerts and put the device on the vibration feature.

The user can adjust his phone to the power reduction feature available in most smartphones, which helps keep the battery for longer hours.

Heat device

It is important to keep the heat suitable for your phone, very high temperature and extremely cold can cause battery loss to be shipped in quick time.

As technology experts say,  "the appropriate temperature that smartphones can afford is between 0 and 45 degrees Celsius, and they recommend that the smartphone should not be exposed to direct sunlight for long periods."


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