Israeli occupation forces destroy a natural reserve east of Yatta

The Israeli occupation forces on Thursday destroyed a natural reserve in the east of Yatta, south of Hebron in the West Bank, the head of the village of al-Kaabneh and the minute said.

"The Israeli occupation forces, accompanied by bulldozers and military vehicles, began to demolish portions of the fence surrounding the micro-reserve located on the land of Khirbet al-Dikma, which is about 150 dunums, adjunct to the annexation wall, uprooting trees and destroying wells dug in the area, Lita. "

He pointed out that "the reserve was established about 10 years ago with the assistance of foreign institutions, with the aim of protecting the land from settlement, which is planed with more than five thousand trees, including four wells to collect rainwater and surrounded by barbed wire to protect it. "

And Khirbat al-Dikka, which is home to about 250 Palestinians working in agriculture and animal husbandry. It has a school and a health clinic. It is programmed with removal and deportation its residents on security grounds.

The agency said that "the occupation forces destroyed yesterday morning, parks and water wells, and raised trees from a nature reserve in the villages of Khashm Daraj and Umm al-Khair east of the town of Yatta, on the grounds that it is a military training area. "

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