US researchers arrive at an algorithm equation to map the universe

US researchers have developed an algorithm equivalent to modeling different models of the universe to help solve some of the most complex problems in physics.

This algorithm equation was developed by applying the scientific principles used to draw illustrative models of cellular biology and physics.

"The secret to the success of science is that things have a simple way," said James Sethna, a professor of physics at Cornell University. "The most complex things ever reach the performance of simple collective behaviors" He said.

The algorithm algorithm developed by researcher Catherine Cowen allows researchers to develop large sets of possibilities to look for patterns or information that may be useful for understanding complex data models.

In order to test the equation, the researchers used data from the European Space Agency's Planck satellite and applied the equation to the data on the micro-satellite dating back to the early days of the universe.

The equation produced a map representing the different characteristics of the different universes, into which the universe in which we live is embedded.

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