The Israeli occupation continues to target journalists in Gaza

The Palestinian Media Forum condemned Saturday the deliberate targeting of journalists by the Israeli occupation forces during their coverage of the return marches on the Gaza Strip border.

The Forum pointed out in a statement that the occupation targeted yesterday three journalists, namely: Raed Abu Mazkour with a bullet in the foot east of Rafah, and Mohammed Kassab and Ahlas Qarnawi east of the Bureij.

He pointed out that since the start of the march of return and break the siege in March 2018, the occupation deliberately targeted journalists, where he killed Yasser Murtaja and Ahmed Abu Hussein, as well as more than 200 journalists and journalists.

He considered that these attacks are carried out in the most blatant disregard for Israel's usual customary laws and principles and international norms and humanity, stressing the freedom of the press and the protection of journalists.

The Palestinian Media Forum, the International Federation of Journalists and local and international humanitarian and human rights organizations called for the need to act to hold the occupation accountable for its crimes.

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