Israeli occupation forces targeted fishing boats in the northern Gaza Strip

Israeli naval forces fired three shells at the Beit Lahia sea in the northern Gaza Strip near Palestinian fishing boats on Thursday morning, without causing any casualties.

The head of the fishing committees of the agricultural labor committees, Zakaria Bakr, said that the Israeli occupation boats attacked the fishermen's boats west of the town of Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip this morning using machine guns.

Bakr told Quds Press that the Israeli occupation forces fired three rocket-propelled grenades at Palestinian fishing boats while practicing fishing.

He added: "There was no injury of any of the fishermen during this Israeli attack, which is daily."

And the targeting of fishermen by the Israeli occupation forces at sea, is a daily addition to the series of violations committed by the occupation forces against the Gaza Strip.

The Oslo Agreement signed between the PLO and the Israeli occupation on 13 September 1993 allows fishermen to sail 20 nautical miles along the shores of Gaza.

The occupation reduced the distance to only 6 nautical miles, and expanded it to 15 miles on the basis of the understandings of truce with the resistance, but returned and imposed a naval blockade and returned the distance to 6 miles.

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