Occupation destroyations agricultural and commercial facilities in Salfit and Jerusalem

Israeli occupation authorities demolished three agricultural and commercial installations west of Salfit and the occupied city of Jerusalem on Wednesday.

"The occupying forces destroyed a cattle-breeding facility associated with the citizen Tayseer Abdullah and a car wash belonging to Amer Abdallah," said Yahya Mustafa, mayor of Deir Acorn.

Mustafa noted that the demolition was carried out without warning and that, under the pretext of the occupation authorities, the two facilities were located in an area classified as "C".

The Oslo Accords divided the West Bank into three regions, namely "a", "B" and "C", and the areas "a" represent about 18 percent of the area of ​​the West Bank, controlled by the Palestinian Authority security and administrative, while the areas of "b" represent 21 per cent and are under the Israeli Palestinian civil and Security Administration. The areas of "C", which measure 61 per cent of the area of ​​the bank, are under Israeli security and administrative control, necessitating the approval of any Palestinian projects or actions by the occupation authorities. 

In the same vein,
These sources indicated that the station included office rooms and gas platforms, as well as sewer lines

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