Mice invade Queen Elizabeth´s kitchen

 Buckingham Palace has used a team of specialists to get rid of a wave of mice and rats inside the kitchen, which has caused panic for Queen Elizabeth, the Sun newspaper reported.

Observers say that the problem of mice is aggravated in a worrying way in the British capital, London, especially in the old buildings, and the establishment of the queen goes back to 1703.

A Sun source said the team had seen what the mice had done, put the poison, and trained a number of local workers on the best ways to deal with the annoying animal.

The team recommended that workers close kitchen cabinets closely, as well as keeping food out of reach, so as not to attract and reproduce mice.

Experts say the problem for Britain is that a type of rat has developed a resistance to the venom in its immune system, so confronting it is no longer easy.

The problem of rats in Buckingham Palace was exacerbated by maintenance work in the western wing, and US President Donald Trump was unable to stay at the hotel during his recent visit because of the ongoing work.

In some parts of the Eaton Square, for example, some homes suffer from the problem of animals, even if the price of the house is up to 70 million pounds sterling.

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