Bama and Med Global Medical mission arrives in Gaza to support the medical sector

A high-level American medical Mission, consisting of 14 doctors representing the "Bama Pama Foundation and the Med Global Foundation, arrived Sunday morning to support the medical sector under the difficult conditions of the Gaza Strip, as well as shortages of medicines and medical supplies .

In a meeting at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, Dr. Yousef Abu al-Rish, undersecretary of the ministry, said that the delegation's visit carries several messages, namely, the nobility of the high spirit held by the members of the delegation, that we are not alone and that the free world with US shares the pain of our patients, hoping that the visit will take place Futuristic.

Dr. Youssef Khelida, head of the Bama and Medloubal Medical Mission, vice president of Bama Foundation, explained that the mission would stay for six days, carrying the arrangements that accompanied the delegation to the Beit Hanoun crossing.

His successor stressed that the vision of the Bama Foundation is to improve the Palestinian health situation, in the forefront of Gaza, which suffers from the long years of siege, which caused shortages of medicines and a decline in health status, stressing that this visit will be a prelude to many visits in the future.

Dr. Khelba pointed out that the Bama Foundation has previously provided many medical and educational tasks such as the project of corneal transplantation and pediatric surgery, as well as sending doctors to complete specialties abroad and supporting students of the College of Medical excellence in need.

Dr. Zaher Sasolutions, Chairman of MED Global Foundation, also confirmed that this mission is the first of the institution in Palestine, apologizing for the delay and noting that the foundation worked in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and several countries in the world, stressing that the patient in Gaza is no less important than the patient in America.

The aim of the visit was to emphasize the provision of medical assistance, exchange of information and experiments with the doctors of Gaza, and to send a message that the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip were not alone, he said.

He explained that the Mormon churches donated a quarter of a million dollars to contribute to the provision of medical supplies and help patients in the Gaza Strip, thanking them for their generous contribution and for the Bama Foundation and the Midglobal organization.

Ms. Manal Siam, representative of the Bama Foundation in Gaza, said that the mission was to conduct operations and provide operational assistance and the Mission would provide medical supplies to the Ministry of Health.

Siam said the medical mission came to Gaza to support the medical sector under difficult health conditions and shortages of medicines and medical supplies, especially for cancer patients, which threaten a health catastrophe.

Siam said that the mission will have several other activities to support the health sector in Gaza, including students from medical schools in Gaza.

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