Are we witnessing the birth of the first child in space?

 Some Russian scientists are planning a unique experiment that could contribute to the birth of the first human child outside the globe.

"Russian scientists are ready to set goals that will make them the first to test the birth of a baby in space, and hope that this experiment will give us the lead in many areas of space medicine," said Ulya Ugenova, head of the biophysics laboratory at the Russian Academy of Sciences.

"We Russians have always been ahead in many areas of space, so we want to be the first child to be born in Russia, too, but the task is not just to give birth to this child, but to be born healthy and healthy. This end and competition in this area, and supports our excellence in many studies and research. "

"It is now too early to talk about this kind of experience, because no one has done the same before, it is possible from the point of view of science, but it may conflict with some ethical principles, so it is difficult to predict when the world will see such an event "He said.

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