Most of the world´s millionaires are from America and China

The number of world families with millions of dollars has risen last year, according to a study by consulting firm Boston Consulting.

According to the survey, the number of these families rose by 2% worldwide, to 22.1 million families.

Two-thirds of the US millionaires live in the United States, followed by China with 1.3 million millionaires, Japan, 1.1 million millionaires and Switzerland, with 0.5 million millionaires, according to the study published Thursday.

Britain, France, Italy, Canada and Germany were fifth in terms of the number of millionaires living in these countries, which amounted to 0.4 million.

But the authors of the survey, conducted by a survey of financial institutions that manage wealth in 97 countries, expect this picture to change in the coming years, and clearly, the authors are likely to increase the number of millionaires in Asia and Africa by 10% by the year 2023, and increase in South America by 9%.

According to the study, the number of world millionaires will rise in the world, then, to 27.6 million millionaires.

According to the study, three in a thousand of the world's population own about half of the world's wealth.

The world's private financial wealth, whether in the form of cash, stocks, bonds or funds, rose by 1.6 percent in 2018 to about 179 million euros, led by the rich of America, who have 74 trillion euros, followed by the Chinese, 18 trillion euros.

The financial wealth of all Germans in 2018 rose by 1.9%. The Germans hold 41% of their wealth in savings or cash accounts, and keep a similar percentage in pension funds and life insurance, saving only 19% of their wealth in shares, the authors said.

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