What do the ministers of the "cabnet" require to hold a truce with Hamas?

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Ministers of the mini-ministerial Council, the "Kabonette", held a meeting on Sunday afternoon to introduce conditions on any truce with the Hamas movement.

Justice Minister Elite Shunam said any agreement with Hamas should ensure that Gaza remains without a weapon and that the bodies of the detained soldiers are taken back.

She stressed the need not to repeat the mistakes made after the second Lebanon war, which had caused the strength of Hezbollah, stressing the need to disarm and ensure full security and the return of soldiers before any agreement.

For his part, Minister Yisrael Katz said he would present a plan for total separation from the Gaza Strip.

Katz indicated that his plan was to require any assistance to the sector by returning the bodies of the soldiers.

In turn, the Minister of Construction and housing, YUAV Galbank, said it was difficult to reach a long-term agreement with Hamas, noting that the pressure exerted on Hamas and Gaza had borne fruit and made them return their accounts.

The ministers also said that they knew nothing about the plan proposed by Egypt and the United Nations, and that they would listen to their details today.


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