The most expensive tree in the world .. The kilogram of $ 100 thousand dollars

The trees vary in value according to their importance and the extent of their use, which may be in their aesthetic form, such as cedar trees and cypress trees, medical and food benefits such as palm trees and palm trees.

But the rare tree that produces "resin" or oud will still be the most expensive in the world because of the high demand for oud oil, especially in the Gulf region and the subcontinent.

The oud is a dark-colored resin found in the heart of the oud tree. Its scientific name is "Aquilaria", an evergreen, perennial tree with a height of up to 20 meters and its native South East Asia.

The oud contains pungent oils, formed by the injury of the tree a kind of mold, which affects the heart and comes in a pale and reliably light color.

When the infection progresses, the tree produces dark-colored aromatic resin, in response to the attack, making the wood very dense and dark in color. This resin is called iodine.

It should not be confused with 'incense', which is produced from the distinctive oud bark, of which India is home, and feeds on parasites that feed on secretions that produce this distinctive mix.

Many of these trees, which produce incense and oud, are found in countries such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, but are threatened with extinction due to their scarcity, the cost of production and the rigidity of routes and roads in the environments in which they live.

These materials have become scarce thanks to the most expensive materials, and their prices sometimes rise by 500%.

According to the quality and quality of the oud, prices start kilo incense amounts may start ten thousand dollars, and may reach because of its scarcity and quality to amounts up to $ 100 thousand per kilo.

The Gulf region was known to take this fragrant substance, whether it was oud or incense.

For example, Saudi Arabia is one of the most consumed areas of this substance, and Saudi Arabia spends millions of dollars a year to provide oud, to perfume and optimize the two holy mosques.

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