The New York Times publishes its list of top book sales

 When Leopster sings the Red Swamp, Dalia Owens toped the New York Times with the highest sales of books in the last week, continuing the novel for 38 weeks, and Dorothea Benton's "Queen of the Bees" Frank in second place.

According to the New York Times, in the literary work as well, the third place came in the novel "Before We Be You" by Liza Wingg. In fourth place of George Martin's "The Arush Game," and in fifth place in the New York Times last week, "The 18 Kidnapping" by James Patterson and Maxine Pietro.

On the research level, Mark Levine's "Press Closure" was released for the second consecutive week and the Washington Post's "Mueller Report" came in second.

In third place came the book "Learned" for Tara and will provide and solve the book "Pioneers" of David McCulog IV, while Howard Stern is back again "by the American broadcaster and writer Howard Stern to the fifth and last place in the list of New York Times of the highest sales of books this week.

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