UNRWA warnings of emergency budget this year

The work of 154 employees of the emergency program has been affected by the lack of financial support and the reduction of the program budget, said Sami Mashasha, spokesperson for the "UNRWA" and director of information and communication, noting that the emergency budget of the UN Relief and Works Agency for refugees this year is worse of its predecessor ".

He warned that the agency's difficult financial situation was threatening the lives of 4.5 million Palestine refugees, pledging to help the affected staff. According to the local success site.

An employee of the affected staff asked to compete for any advertised job hours, in which case they were considered as internal candidates and given a higher opportunity to compete and get jobs.

Previously, the agency explained that it continued to provide primary health care and to facilitate hospitalization services in all the Agency's five regions of operation in Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, without interference.

"The ongoing achievements, health and well-being of the Palestine refugee community remain at risk due to the agency's ongoing financial crisis," she said in a statement, following: "In 2018, the agency served approximately 23,000 patients a day through its network of 144 health centers in The five operational regions.

Wetshiraltkdirat that, during 2018, key health services, such as strong maternal and child health indicators and close to 100% coverage of immunization schedule, early registration of preventive care and the proportion of pregnant women who do at least four visits before Of childbirth.

Since the United States stopped its financial aid to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), Washington is seeking to end the organization's existence, paving the way for the "Deal of the Century".

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