Minister of Development reveals the percentage of citizens below the poverty line in Palestine

Minister of Social Development Ahmed Majdalani said on Wednesday that the number of families living below the poverty line reached 350,000, a third of the Palestinian people living in the Palestinian territories.


This came during a consultation between his ministry and the NGOs and NGOs in the Al-Zahraa Hotel Hall in Ramallah, with the participation of about 100 associations and civil organizations from various governors of the West Bank and Jerusalem in order to strengthen the foundations of cooperation and partnership for sustainable development.




Majdalani stressed the importance of the meeting in light of the circumstances facing the Palestinian issue, the financial blockade by the US administration to impede the draft settlement of America, which follows one after the other.


He pointed out that the experience of the Palestinian leadership with political and financial blackmail is long and not simple, as the lessons learned from the lessons of the importance of steadfastness, confrontation and preservation of national gains.


Minister Majdalani called on charitable societies to correct their legal status, pointing out that the Ministry is accelerating all efforts to pay the allocations for the purchase of the service due to charities, as well as the assistance provided by the social committee in the Council of Ministers , stressing at the same time that the Jerusalem societies have a special priority in the programs of the Government and the Ministry of Social Development.


Majdalani stressed the importance of social partnership with all associations and NGOs to face the difficult conditions experienced by our people and to address the situation of poverty prevalent in Palestinian society resulting from the practices of the occupation and the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip.


He explained that the Ministry of Social Development in accordance with its vision of new development works to enable poor families income-generating projects to provide a minimum of a decent life for this family, and enable them to get out of the cycle of production and integration in the wheel of sustainable development.


For his part, the director general of the charities Izzat Malloh said that "charities played a key role in strengthening the steadfastness of the Palestinian citizen in the face of the occupation, and was able through its message to strengthen its steadfastness despite all obstacles."


He added that the Ministry of Social Development has a close relationship with the associations and organizations for the intersection of its work and its objectives in serving the citizen and its partnership in achieving sustainable development. The ministry seeks to strengthen the relationship with the associations on a professional basis, to achieve partnership and integration in the provision of services, This consultative meeting for a new start in the relationship to provide the best services.



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