More than 500 cafes closed in Tehran for this reason ..

Iranian police chief Hossein Rahimi announced on Saturday that 547 restaurants and cafés in Tehran had been closed for violating Islamic principals.

"The owners of restaurants and cafés that did not comply with Islamic principals were attacked," said Rahimi. "During this process, 547 businesses were closed and 11 were arrested."

The Fars news agency said the campaign was transported out during the last ten days.

The website of Iran International in Arabic pointed out that "the reason behind the closure of these commercial units and cafés is the operation of prohibited music, and created a state of amusement, especially in the late hours of the night."

"Ensuring adherence to Islamic principles is one of the basic tasks and responsibilities of the police," the police chief said.

On Saturday, Musharraf's Iranian Guidance Court, Mohammad Mahdi Haj Mohammadi, called on Iranians to report any "wrongdoing" by sending text messages to a designated number.

The Iranian extension court is considering cases of "cultural crimes and social and moral corruption".

"People want to report those who break the rules, but they do not know how to do it ... We have decided to speed up dealing with acts that are against public morality," the supervisor told Mezan Online.

He said citizens could report cases such as "hijab in the car, mixed dancing" or "publishing immoral content on an instagram."

Iranian laws require women to wear a veil that covers the entire body except for the face, hands and feet.

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