The "government journalist" warns of an "unprecedented" environmental and health disaster in the northern Gaza Strip

The "government journalist" warns of an "unprecedented" environmental and health disaster in the northern Gaza Strip

graves, in which citizens were forced to bury their martyrs, due to the inaccessibility of the Eastern Cemetery, as these graves are spread in the squares and what remains of parks and gardens and inside citizens’ private lands, and all of them lack environmental safety conditions, in addition to what is discovered of From time to time, there are mass graves for massacres committed by the occupation against citizens, and they try to hide their effects by burying them among piles of waste or under the rubble and waste of public places such as schools or hospitals, as happened inside the Al-Shifa Medical Complex and the Sheikh Zayed Towers School.

  The "government journalist" stressed that the situation is getting worse in light of the inability of municipalities to deal with these huge quantities of waste and rubble, due to the lack of appropriate machinery and equipment, after the occupation bombed dozens of municipal equipment and machinery, as well as the lack of sufficient fuel to make what is available. DAT materials and mechanisms currently.

He warned of this imminent environmental and health catastrophe, holding the occupation responsible for it. The "government journalist" called for urgent intervention in order to provide the necessary needs for municipalities and civil defense to deal with this situation, especially machinery, equipment and fuel.

He called for the arrival of medical and primary care delegations to deal with the repercussions of this situation on citizens.

The "government journalist" demanded the need for UNRWA and all international institutions and organizations to return to work in the areas of the northern Gaza Strip, and to carry out their functional and humanitarian duty towards our people.