Trump is in court... We have a president leading the country who does not realize what he is doing

Trump is in court... We have a president leading the country who does not realize what he is doing

Former US President Donald Trump opened fires of criticism against current President Joe Biden, and said during his appearance before the court in New York on Monday, that the United States has a president leading the country who does not realize what he is doing.

Trump arrived at a New York court before noon today, American time, to begin his trial, while the Public Prosecutor accused him of committing continuous and repeated fraud.

The case concerns accusations against Trump and two of his sons that their real estate assets had massively inflated for years.

Commenting on the case, the New York Public Prosecutor said: “My message is simple, which is that no one is above the law, regardless of how powerful he is and the size of his wealth,” while the American media reported from the Prosecutor’s Office that 28 witnesses had been identified who could be called in the case.

On the other hand, Trump's lawyer considered that "the case is nothing but interference in the elections" in reference to the upcoming presidential elections, adding that "the Democrats know that Trump is ahead of Biden by a large margin," he said.

A farce and a scoundrel

As for Trump himself, he seemed angry and told reporters in front of the court building that the trial was a “farce” and that the judge assigned to it was a “scoundrel.”

Trump doubted the seriousness of the case, considering that what was happening to him was “the largest attempt at political harassment in the world,” he said, adding that “the goal of these cases that they brought against me was to eliminate me and prevent me from running in the elections... They waited until my election campaign began and began moving files against me.” ".

The former president defended himself, stressing that his wealth data was impeccable and that no crime had been committed.

Trump accused the prosecutor of corruption and said, "They are all corrupt, and even our country is full of corruption," before he fiercely attacked current President Joe Biden, saying, "We have a president who leads the country and does not realize what he is doing."

In his statements, the former president reiterated the assertion that his trial on charges of civil fraud was related to interference in the elections, considering that if he had not run and had not been at the forefront of the opinion polls, they would not have brought any charges against him, he said.

Trump concluded his angry statements, saying that the accusations directed against him are counterproductive, as they raise his score in the opinion polls.