Friedman: Arabs only understand the language of power

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

The US ambassador to Tel Aviv, David Friedman, said that Israel must maintain its strength to meet the challenges it faces, adding that Arabs understand only the language of power.

"In the Middle East there is a clear and simple truth: the weak soon fall apart, they are slaughtered and they are cut off from history," the Hebrew daily Ha'aretz quoted Friedman as saying in a connection with a number of Jewish lawmakers in the U.S. Congress. And only the mighty stay.

"In the Middle East, they appreciate the powers, and they are keen to build alliances with them and reach out to peace agreements," Friedman said. This Middle East, different from the United States, there is a great variation in the methodology of thinking... You have to be strong here, no one can respect you in this spot of the world if you are not strong, you are not required to explain your situation, only you have to be strong, I would like things to be this way, but this is the reality here  ".

Freedman's release coincides with what Netanyahu said Wednesday, during a ceremony at the atomic reactor in Dimona to mark the launch of the name of former President Shimon Peres, saying that "Peres was keen to achieve peace, but he realized that true peace would be achieved only when we firmly seize arms To defend ourselves  ".

Netanyahu pointed out that the central Arab countries ' tendency to normalize with Israel in a "fictional" way, indicates that the Arabs  "understand only the language of power and respect only the powers," claiming that normalization with the Arab countries is going at a high pace.



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