The Imperial Medal of an actress embodies the role of Elizabeth II

The Queen Elizabeth II honored Oscar-winning actress Olivia Coleman on Friday before appearing as the queen in The Crown or The Crown.

Coleman was awarded the Order of the British Empire on the annual honor list for Queen's Birthday.

The actress won the Oscar for Best Actress this year for her role as Queen Anne, Queen of the 18th century, in the movie "The Favorit" or "Favorites", and plays the role of the current Queen in the third season of the " Crown "drama produced by" Netflix "currently.

Coleman said she was "very enthusiastic, happy and proud" of the honor, according to the Associated Press.

The award is awarded twice a year, on New Year's Day and for Britain's official birthday in June, to reward hundreds of people for services to their community or national life. Decorations are mostly given to people who are not in the spotlight, but there are also a group of famous faces.

Beneficiaries are selected by civil service committees from government and public nominations, with awards by the Queen and other senior members of the royal family during the Buckingham Palace celebrations.

The list included a knighthood for Simon Russell Bell, one of the best actors in Britain, who can now call himself Sir Simon, and the knighthood of Boyd Tunic, the inventor of chocolate candy.

"When you reach my age, very few things will surprise you, but this certainly happened and I am very proud and grateful to Her Majesty the Queen," said Tonok, whose family business has been making sweets in Scotland since the 19th century.

Rachel Whitridge, who won the Turner Award in 1993, was also honored.

Among others, they were honored by novelist Joanna Trollley, Lee Chedle, filmmaker Jack Richer, and Vergil Charkey, the former lead singer of the band "Undertones."

The singer and songwriter Elvis Costello, actress Koch Jumbo, star of the legal television series "The Good Faith" or "Conflict of Good", and Sri Lankan rapper Mia and his full name Mathangi Arolbaragasam were also honored.

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