Trump breaks the protocol with "shoulder movement" in front of the Queen of Britain

US President Donald Trump violated the royal protocol in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II during a dinner banquet at the Buckingham Palace in London.

The videotape of President Trump, putting his left hand on Queen Elizabeth's right shoulder, showed off after he finished a brief speech before dinner, praising the Queen.

The US president delivered a warm and often touching speech in which he praised the 93-year-old Queen, who Trump called "a great woman."

But Trump did not stop breaking the protocol by touching the Queen, but raising the trophy and thank Queen Elizabeth II for not only hospitality, but also "beautiful weather," which sparked the Queen's laughter.

This is not the first time Trump has violated the protocol during his meeting with the Queen. The US president broke the protocol three times during his meeting with the Queen in July 2018.

The first mistake made by the American president was not to bend a little at Queen Elizabeth's salute, and the Queen had left him waiting in the reception hall for quite a while, at a temperature of almost 27 degrees Celsius.

The third mistake of Trump, the heaviest, was when the Queen invited him to join her to inspect the guard of honor. Trump would only have taken steps for Queen Elizabeth instead of following her.

This is the first time that Trump and his wife Melania has attended a British royal banquet, but the queen is used to such occasions. This is the 113th time the Queen is hosting a state visit.

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