"Palestine prisoners": 350 cases of arrest in May including 54 children

According to the center of "Prisoners of Palestine" for studies, it monitored 350 detentions carried out by the Israeli occupying forces in the West Bank and Gaza during the month of May (May).

The data received by the Palestine News Network on Saturday said that the arrested 54 minor children and seven women last month.

He stressed that the occupying authorities continued to disregard arbitrarily against the Palestinian people in all its segments.

"The occupation authorities did not observe the sanctity of Ramadan, or its own privacy, and continued incursions into Palestinian areas, especially the cities and villages of the West Bank and Jerusalem," he said.

Human rights data showed that among the detainees were minors, children, editors and fishermen.

The center monitored 12 arrests of citizens from the Gaza Strip; 9 of them were fishermen while they were working off the shores of the strip, and 3 youths were passing through the east-sector wire.

In a related context, the occupying authorities issued 84 administrative detention orders against Palestinian prisoners; of these, 30 new decisions were made for the first time and 54 were renewed in detention periods.

The cities of Hebron and Ramallah topped the highest administrative orders in the last month, with 30 administrative decisions per city.

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