A pause in Chicago, the United States, rejected the meeting of the Jewish lobby

In the American city of Chicago,  dozens of members of the Palestinian community and their supporters took part   in   a protest against the annual meeting of the Jewish lobby (AIPAC). 

The participants in the stand, called by the Coalition for Justice in Palestine, shouted slogans in favor of the Palestinian cause, the right to establish a Palestinian state and the freedom of the Palestinian people and end the Israeli occupation.

A member of the Coalition for Justice in Palestine, Mowaffaq Abu al-Qatain, according to official news agency (WAFA), said the protest is a message of condemnation and denunciation of the meeting in Chicago by the Jewish lobby, which spares no effort in support of the Israeli occupation state.

He explained that the solidarity activists used loudspeakers to deliver their message to everyone, and distributed leaflets to passers-by exposing the crimes of the occupation.

He praised the distinguished attendance at the stand, from organizations and student movements supporting the Palestinian cause in the American arena.

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