"Apple" launches a new generation of computers, "MacBook"

Apple Corporation is set to launch a new range of MacBook Pro computers that will feature advanced processors and fast performance.

These models will come in several models, large models with 15-inch screens, eight-core Intel Core processors at 4.8 GHz, Turbo Boost, and 4.5 GHz Intel Core i7 processors.

These computers will provide high-capacity data processing quickly and without problems, for example the user will be able to use 11 video files with 4K resolution through Final Cut Pro X.

The new Mini MacBook Pro will be equipped with 13-inch high-definition screens, a touch-screen touchpad on the keyboard, 256GB SSD internal storage and 8GB of RAM.

All of the previous devices will be equipped with Apple-modified keyboards to make their buttons more durable, less noise-free during printing, and protected with special layers that prevent dust and fluid from leaking down.


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