Horror moments on an Airbus plane after a glass cockpit crash

 Flight passengers survived moments of horror in the air after chunks of cold smashed windows in the cockpit, but the plane landed safely on Sunday in China.

The Airbus A380 was on a flight from Guangzhou and the capital, Beijing, at an altitude of 11 kilometers when huge cracks in the glass emerged from the cold masses, according to the Daily Mail.

The flight crew made emergency contact with the Air Traffic Control Authority and the aircraft landed safely, about 90 minutes after the cockpit was badly damaged, but the vehicle continued at a distance of only 5 kilometers.

Commercial aircraft usually fly at 10 or 11 kilometers, given the pressure and heat factors, but the Chinese plane has found it difficult to stay within the same level so as not to break the glass completely.

Despite the severity of the damage, the captain, in his contact with the watchdog, remained in his ability to see, and managed to accomplish the landing professionally.

For its part, explained the company, "China Southern Airlines," that the landing was flexible at Beijing International Airport, did not lead to any injury.

The Beijing International Airport was forced on Sunday to cancel 111 flights due to heavy rain and a number of serious thunderstorms.

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