Star Wars Island returns to welcome tourists again

The Schelig Michael Island, known as the Star Wars Island off the Irish coast of Kerry, opened for tourists, an island registered on UNESCO's World Heritage List and home to at least an eighth-century monastic community.

Kerry began to attract the attention of tourists after filming the latest three films of the famous film series.

However, the influx of tourists this year was delayed due to bad weather, which was supposedly to open on 18 May.

A spokesman for the Public Works Office, an Irish government agency responsible for the care of all national antiquities, said: "Due to the weather conditions caused by the sea winds, and due to the huge amounts of cargo and the materials to be transported, / May ".

Skylig Michael has attracted attention since the release of the seventh installment of the "Star Wars" series, "Power Rise," in December 2015, and thousands of visitors began to cross from various ports to see the stone-clad houses where actor Mark Hamill (In the role of Luke Skywalker) and actress Daisy Ridley (in the role of Ray) major scenes in the film.

Statistics indicate that more than 14,600 visitors in 2016 will travel to the island on a 90-minute flight, depending on weather conditions.

The number of visitors last year was more than 16,700, with expectations of an increase this year.

"First, there should be general maintenance of accommodation on the island, as it suffices very during the winter," the spokesman said.

"In addition, additional work was needed this year to upgrade some accommodation," he said. "The work is done for health and safety reasons after the island is inspected."

The site is expected to remain open until 30 September, the last day for visitors, with the site officially closed until the 2020 season.

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