Health: Gaza Strip is undergoing the worst drug crisis ever

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip has warned of serious repercussions for patients in Gaza because of the most severe drug crisis, with a deficiency of more than 52 percent in medicines and medical consumables.

The Palestinian Information Center (PNA) on Saturday quoted the Director General of the Shifa Medical Complex, Dr. Medhat Abbas, as saying that the largest government hospitals in the Gaza Strip are missing a lot of essential medicines and antibiotics, medicines for patients with stress, diabetes and oncology.

He pointed out that most of the pharmaceutical items not currently available in government hospitals pharmacies, are also not available in private pharmacies.

"The loss of medicines is a danger to the lives of patients, such as the therapeutic milk of patients with phenolic urination, which causes mental retardation in the absence of the child who has the disease, as well as medicines for the progesterone of kidney transplant , where the absence of medication to reject the kidney transplant, and therefore the failure of agricultural operations. "

He appeared to Dr. Abbas, all supporters of the health sector and all conscience living quick intervention to save patients in Gaza, in the context of the lack of access to health facilities for the quotas of medicine since the beginning of this year.

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