In pictures | A child born in the size of a bean can celebrate his first birthday

London _ Agencies

The family of a British child, born a year ago in a small size not exceeding the size of a small bean, celebrated his first birthday after surviving the death achieved several times, contrary to the expectations of doctors.

Noah Robinson remained in the hospital 305 days, where he underwent a series of surgeries that brought him back to life four times, after he was born in a very small size, his family finally celebrating his first birthday last Friday.

The mother of the child, Molly said, "My child was on the brink of death several times, one time, his heart stopped 20 minutes, which led everyone to believe that he was a life difference."

"Every time Noah was defying expectations and living in his limbs again, those difficult moments were like a miracle," she said.

Noah was born at Leeds Hospital in the 27th week of pregnancy, and at birth he weighed only 495 grams, after the mother's placenta stopped supplying blood and nutrients to him.

In the weeks following his birth, he underwent surgery to heal his heart and other successive operations in different parts of his body, before recovering fully and leaving the hospital according to the British newspaper Mirror.


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