Palestine Wins the Golden Award in the International Artificial Intelligence Competition

The Palestinian team won the gold medal and the most inspiring prize for all teams participating in the International School Artificial Intelligence Competition held in the United States, Minister of Education Marwan Awartani said Sunday.

The team is the world's leading team, according to a statement from the Ministry of Education, on the project "Drawings talk about me" to the teacher Rana Khair from the School of Girls of the return secondary school Bethlehem Department and her daughter, Selena Qamseya . The team presented the winning project to industry experts, Note that this project serves to detect the exposure status of bullying and talent of students aged 6-12 years, through the analysis of their drawings.

The Minister expressed his pride in this honorable victory, "which reflects the Palestinian's constant insistence on excellence in spite of all attempts to obliterate his identity, and to prove to the world that this people is greater than all conspiracies against him. That the Ministry will spare no effort to enhance the Palestinian creative presence in various regional and international forums.

The competition included the participation of thousands of children, parents and teachers in 13 countries in learning the concepts of artificial intelligence and applying their knowledge on projects for social welfare and solving problems facing their communities, such as the areas of health, safety and environment. The number of entries from all over the world, taking part in the competition for the first time.

The competition was in three stages: first, learning the concepts of artificial intelligence; second, designing mechanisms for the work of ribat; and third, solving a societal problem through an application using artificial intelligence technology.

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