Procedures for the completion of the satellite and the Iraqi Space Agency

The Ministry of Communications is coordinating with the French government to complete the two satellite projects and the Iraqi space agency after receiving a loan from it, according to an Iraqi report.

The ministry's senior technical affairs agent, Prince Amir al-Bayati, said his ministry coordinated with the French government to complete the Iraqi satellite project and the Iraqi space agency in coordination with Airbus, a company specialized in the manufacture of satellites.

He confirmed a loan from the French government for the completion of these projects, in addition to other security projects, noting that the coordination came after the suspension of the satellite project for a long time previously.

Al-Bayati described the projects as important and sovereign, stressing that the special orbits of the country through which the Iraqi satellite will be operated will be maintained after it is fully completed.

He pointed out that the satellite project will serve the security, economic, agricultural, industrial, environmental and military fields of the country, as well as sectors that would serve the security side.

He talked about coordination with French companies for the implementation of projects and the establishment of a nucleus of the Iraqi Space Agency, which will provide services to government institutions and different sectors.

He added that commercial and technical coordination was held with Airbus to train technicians and specialists for one year to qualify them and grant them a license to work in the long term to establish satellites and high and medium orbits.

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