Including children and women .. 100 cases of detention since the beginning of Ramadan

The "Prisoners of Palestine" Center said that it has monitored 100 cases of arrests of Palestinian citizens since the beginning of Ramadan, 10 days ago, including four women and 18 children.

The center said in a statement Wednesday that among the detainees in the first ten days of Ramadan were four women, including Shatha Hammad and Ranin Sawafta, during their coverage of the events of the deportation of citizens from the village of Hamsa in the northern Jordan Valley from their homes. Investigation.

The Israeli occupation forces arrested Ghadir al-Amuri from Jerusalem after her family broke into her house. She was released on condition of being held in a house and a financial guarantee of 10,000 shekels was paid. Fatima Suleiman, from Beit Safafa, was released after being denied for hours, on condition that she pay a financial guarantee and transfer her to domestic imprisonmentment.

The center also monitored the arrest of 18 minor children and three brothers fishermen from Gaza who were released hours later and young people who crossed the fence separating the eastern border of the Gaza Strip.


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