65 wounded in the commemoration of the Nakba on the Gaza border today

65 Palestinians were injured by Israeli occupation forces during marches marking the 71st anniversary of the Nakba on the Gaza Strip border today.


The Ministry of Health announced that 60 Palestinians were injured by the Israeli occupation forces during the activities of Al-Ouda today, in commemoration of the 17th anniversary of the Nakba of the Palestinian people.

Palestinians began arriving at the five return camps in the eastern Gaza Strip this afternoon in response to a call by the Supreme National Authority for Return and Breaking the Siege.


In turn, confirmed the Ministry of Health in Gaza today that it raised the level of readiness and readiness in the medical points and hospitals and the system of emergency and emergency to keep pace with the launch of millions of land and return to the east of the Gaza Strip.


The Health Department said that the emergency operations room and its higher and central committees follow the effectiveness of the work of the health work system and has dedicated the efforts of medical staff to provide health services, especially for emergency situations and save life with the availability of medicines.


The Israeli occupation army intensified its presence in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip today and closed the nearby roads in anticipation of the demonstrations organized by the Palestinians today on the separation fence in the east of the Gaza Strip on the anniversary of the Nakba Day.


The Israeli radio reported that the army intensified its presence in the area around the Gaza Strip in anticipation of the demonstrations on the Gaza border and closed the morning of the main roads close to the security fence surrounding the sector.


She added that by a decision of the Israeli military leadership, the commanders of the Brigades in the occupation army and not the leaders of the brigades were authorized to issue orders to start firing.


She pointed out that the residents of the settlements adjunct to the sector had been instructed to exercise caution and caution against the burning balloons and booby traps that may be fired from the Strip.


The Supreme Commission for Return and Breaking the Siege announced a comprehensive strike on Wednesday, the 71st anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba, pointing out the need to exist to it.


It called on the masses of our people to participate in the million return on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip on Wednesday, stressing the continuation of the return marchs in the nature of popular and peaceful.

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