Shtayyeh in memory of Nakba: any political solution that detracts from the rights of our people is rejected

Prime Minister Mohamed Shtayyeh said that any political solution put forward by the US administration, or by any side, detracts from the rights of our people, which are based on the end of occupation, the establishment of a Palestinian State with Jerusalem as its capital and the return of refugees, will be a rejected solution by President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian leadership and factions, and all our people.
"We are in the crosshairs of a stone from Jerusalem, which the occupation is trying to annex, and no matter how Israel's actions will not change the facts of history, say that this is our satisfaction and whatever they are through the Judaization of Jerusalem and the annexation of territories, we will not be deterred from demanding our right, and are steadfast in the constants until the occupation is defeated. "
The Prime minister has spared the souls of the martyrs and has promised our people, our wounded, our families and our families in the Diaspora that we will maintain the Covenant, upholding the right of return, the constants and the Palestinian legitimacy, foremost of which is President Mahmoud Abbas.
Shtayyeh was laying a wreath at the Tomb of martyr President Yasser Arafat.

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