Israeli occupation forces arrest 14 citizens from Jerusalem and the West Bank

 Israeli occupation forces arrested seven Palestinians from the town of Al-Issawiya in occupied Jerusalem and seven from the West Bank early Wednesday.

Local sources said that the Israeli police arrested seven citizens from Al-Issawiya, north of Jerusalem. They were: Yasser Darwish, Wael Mahmoud, Mansour Mahmoud, Malik Darwish, Louay Mansour, Mahmoud Abu Riala and Fadi Abdullah Mahmoud.

In the city of Al-Bireh, Israeli soldiers arrested Mohammed Emad Hassanein, 17, after being shot in the foot at the entrance to the northern Al-Bireh. The soldiers also arrested two boys in the town of Deir Abu Meshaal west of Ramallah, namely: Hassan Bakr Zahran and Mohammed Abdel Hakim. As well as the young Ahmed Abu A'adi and his twin brother, the boy Mohammed Abu Adi from Kafr Naama west of Ramallah.

Israeli soldiers also arrested Mohammed Yousef Abu Libdeh, from Jericho City, and the former prisoner Abbas Mar'i, brother of the prisoner'Abd al-'Aziz Mar'i, from Qarawat Bani Hassan near Salfit, as he passed through the Za ' tara checkpoint south of Nablus.

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