Temple groups mobilize to storm the Grand Mosque on the 28th of Ramadan

Temple groups are planning to storm the Al-Aqsa Mosque on June 2, 28 Ramadan, marking the anniversary of the occupation of the eastern city of Jerusalem, which the Israel call "the day of the unification of Jerusalem."

The "Temple Groups" called for the cancellation of the Israeli police decision to prevent settlers from breaking into Al-Aqsa on this day, and claimed that it would "mobilize thousands to confront and break into it on the same day."

A radical settler petitioned the Israeli High Court to overturn the decision and said they were "ready for war to break into Al-Aqsa on that day."

Al-Aqsa Mosque is usually closed to extremist Jewish incursions through the last ten days of Ramadan every year, in anticipation of the huge numbers of Muslims who are at the maximum in that period.

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