Scientists arrive at a simple way to diagnose Alzheimer´s disease

Washington _ Agencies

A team of researchers in the United States of America has come up with a simple eye test that may be able to detect Alzheimer's disease, long before a person is infected with the disease.

"The eye can already be a benchmark for the study of degenerative diseases in the nervous system," said Gregory Van Staverne, professor of ophthalmology and visual sciences at the University of Washington.

Stavern researcher added, that  "reach the eye and reach the result, easier than reaching the brain to perform the search."

American scientists say that specialists are aware of a person with Alzheimer's two decades before the disease, i.e. before the onset of symptoms such as amnesia and mood changes, and doctors may recognize the patient with Alzheimer's by conducting laboratory tests including brain imaging, or a test of memory.

Israeli notices to seize Palestinian land east of Bethlehem

Bethlehem _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation authorities on Wednesday evening notified Palestinian citizens of the seizure of land belonging to them at various locations in the village of Beit Ta'mar, east of the City of Bethlehem (south of occupied Jerusalem).

The representative of the Wall Resistance and settlement Authority in Bethlehem Hassan Brijie said that the Israeli occupation forces distributed notices at the Al-Fardis roundabout, including placing the hand on scattered places amid a residential compound in Beit Ta'mar for military use.

According to a statement quoted by the official Palestinian news agency, Brijie said that citizens were given seven days to file an objection to an Israeli court, on decisions to seize their own land.

According to the Palestinian activist, this "arbitrary action" violates the Geneva Convention and poses a threat to the lives of citizens through the possibility of placing kiosks or military towers, which is illegal. "

It should be noted that the occupation authorities are carrying out the "diversion" of Palestinian land, which is used for military purposes and which is diverted for use by "civilian" in favour of building Jewish settlements on them.


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