Experts reveal a "big trick" in iPhone batteries

Technology experts have disclosed what they consider Apple's "trick", as the company makes a flawed and exaggerated assessment of battery charging on iPhone phones.

According to Fox News, the shipment of "iPhone" is running out in a shorter period than that announced by the US company, with every new version of the phones.

The UK consumer rights group Witch conducted an experiment for 8 iPhone phones and found that the charger was 15 to 51 percent less durable than the advertiser.

The results showed that the phone of the iPhone "XR" of the most devices that mislead its users, while Apple says that the battery lasts for 25 hours of continuous calls, it turns out that it can withstand only 16 hours and 32 minutes.

Digital expert Natalie Hitchens says users need to check battery efficiency when they buy phones because companies may misrepresent themselves.

Apple said the iPhone was designed to extend the life of the battery as much as possible.

She added that the British Society did not specify the way it adopted in the measurement of battery life, indicating that the phone for iPhone may be able to make the call longer if the user activated the energy economy.

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