British soldier casts "tragic end" in African jungle

A British soldier recently suffered a tragic fate when he was killed by a giant elephant while driving a process to protect animals from hunting in a Malawi jungle.

According to the newspaper "Telegraph" British, Matthew Talbo, a component of the British army, died during his participation in the fight against illegal fishing, on the fifth of May.

No other British military was injured in the military operation, and no local residents were hurt.

British Defense Secretary Benny Murdonat said she was saddened by the soldier's death while he was doing his job in the African country.

The minister said that the tragic incident highlighted the dangers the army faces when it works to protect the most endangered species from criminals targeting wildlife.

The soldier's tragedy had a wide interaction on social networking platforms, and commentators said that "it is painful that Matthew dies because of the animals he was in his military mission for."

The circumstances of the British soldier's death are not yet clear, but previous reports have indicated several difficulties for soldiers moving in the forests to protect endangered animals.

It is a major difficulty that soldiers may not see elephants at times as they move through the forest, because animals are usually lying in the grass.

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