´ Facebook ´ launches new service to compete with ´ YouTube ´

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Facebook has launched a new service called "Watch " for video recordings worldwide, one year after its launch within the United States, providing original content, including entertainment and sports news to rival social media platforms, most notably the YouTube site.

"The service is real in a crowded market because it is based on the principle that video clips are a social activity," said the video official in Facebook, Vedji Simo in a report published by Sky News Arabia.

"Over 50 million people in the United States spend at least a minute a month watching videos on watch, and since the beginning of 2018, the overall time of viewing videos on Facebook has risen 14 times," said the official.

"Through the new platform " Watch, you can have a conversation about content with friends, other fans, and even the video makers themselves, "Simo said.

Facebook indicated that video makers will be able to make money for their recordings using the company's Ed BRICS service in Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand alongside the United States, as of Thursday, and many more will join later on.

Simo said, "publishers are making a meaningful income " Thanks to the Facebook automated video advertising system on this platform offered by programs such as (Huda Bos) to the cosmetic expert Huda Qattan and the NBA matches live on the Air  ", Mirdiff that the road was long but we We work hard to ensure that Ed Brix's experience is good for our partners and our community. "

According to Simo, 55% of the revenue will be from the content maker's right and 45% will be for Facebook, in addition to the United States division.

According to Facebook, the participation in Ed BRICS requires the publisher to have made three-minute content and received more than 30,000 views for more than a minute overall over the past two months and must have ten thousand followers within this new platform.


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