IOF arrest 9 Palestinians, including a girl

Israeli occupation forces arrested nine Palestinians from the West Bank, including a girl, on Tuesday night.


The Israeli occupation forces arrested Fatima Yahya Ahmed Suleiman, 19, from the town of Beit Safafa, after a raid on her family's home in Fajra. Another child from Jerusalem was arrested.


In the town of 'Azzun in Qalqilya, Israeli soldiers arrested five young men, mostly former prisoners, while they were near the town of Al-Zawia in Salfit. They were: Muhammad Munir Meshaal, Mohammad Nidal Meshaal, Louai Anwar Mishal, Uday Samir Abu Haniya and Ja'far Abdul Karim Salim.


In addition to the detainees are two citizens from the Hebron governorate: Alaa Mohammed Hashim Al-Titi and Al-Baraa Hassan Hreenat.


It is noteworthy that the Israeli occupation forces arrested yesterday noon Salim Ahmed Ould Ali from the town of Sanour Jenin district, a former prisoner more than two years in the detention of the occupation.


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